Backup to Microsoft OneDrive for Business (SharePoint) with Synology’s Hyper Backup

This is a follow-up to my article Backup to Microsoft OneDrive with Synology’s Hyper Backup. After presenting my solution for using Microsoft OneDrive (Personal) as a backup destination in Synology’s Hyper Backup, I was asked if it could also be used with OneDrive for Business. OneDrive for Business is based on SharePoint, which can be configured in different ways. Thanks to the node-sp-auth package, I was able to write another proxy server that works with several of the different SharePoint authentication mechanisms.

tl;dr Run the basic-to-sharepoint-auth-http-proxy Docker image and configure a WebDAV backup destination in Hyper Backup.

The approach is the same as with OneDrive (Personal): Hyper Backup does not offer to configure OneDrive for Business as a backup destination, but it does offer to configure a WebDAV server as backup destination. OneDrive for Business does provide a WebDAV API, but most of the authentication mechanisms provided by OneDrive for Business are not supported by Hyper Backup. (Hyper Backup seems to support NTLM authentication, but I never succeeded in authenticating with NTLM.) So the solution is a HTTP proxy server that manages the authentication part and passes through the WebDAV messages mostly unchanged.

The setup is similar to what is described in Backup to Microsoft OneDrive with Synology’s Hyper Backup. Specific instructions can be found at the GitHub repository.

Beware that this software is not thoroughly tested yet.

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